August 03, 2023

LIBREC and ZAT: Powerful alliance for electric vehicle battery recycling in Europe

In a groundbreaking move, Swiss company LIBREC has forged a pioneering partnership with ZAT, a leading sales organization in the automotive sector. Together, they are committed to the future of green progress in Europe by forming a dedicated sales team of over ten experts.

LIBREC, a pioneer in the recycling of lithium-ion batteries from electric vehicles, is opening up a captivating prospect for environmentally friendly innovation with this collaboration. With ZAT's experienced network, they will drive efforts to promote sustainable battery solutions in the European market.

The unification of these forces aims to overcome the barriers to the use of lithium-ion batteries and pave the way for environmentally compatible mobility. Together, LIBREC and ZAT are shaping the future of the electric vehicle industry by focusing not only on technological progress, but also on the responsible use of resources.

The newly established sales team will play a key role in spreading the mission of circular economy and sustainable battery recycling on a broad scale. By advancing the vision of a zero-emissions Europe, LIBREC and ZAT are setting the tone for a sustainable and green future in the automotive sector.

This remarkable partnership between LIBREC and ZAT marks a significant step towards a sustainable and environmentally friendly Europe. The expertise of both companies will accelerate the energy turnaround in the automotive sector and set the course for a future in which mobility and environmental protection are in harmony.